Armagnac Producers


All our Clos Martin Armagnacs express the true character, the savoir-faire and the diversity of all the Armagnac makers from Gascony.



49 years old

“Armagnac is the foundation of our region. This is why 25% of my production of wine goes toward distillation, while most winegrowers today distill next to nothing. It’s an expensive process, and it takes a lot of patience to reap the rewards.”



71 years old

“All I know, I learned on the job. I started working in Armagnac at the age of fourteen.”


Celar Master

86 years old

“It takes years of experience to master the production of such a fine, flavoursome and well-balanced spirit.”


Negociant & Master Blender

59 years old

“I just fell into Armagnac! It’s a job of passion, and everything about Armagnac makes me feel passionate: the product, the job, the human contact with the people.