Clos Martin Armagnac is committed to perpetuating a traditional savoir-faire and has always selected its Armagnac in a pure style, that were produced using small traditional stills to capture the floral and lively aromas of the local grape varieties. The precious liquid, aged in demi-muids or casks, crafted mainly from regional oak, remains unblended in the winegrowers’ cellars until they are ready to see the light again. Our rare eaux-de-vie, supplied by a small group of loyal winegrowers, express the character of the people from Gascony, forged under the influence of the Pyrenees Mountains: Honesty, Pride and Generosity.

Clos Martin will take you on a journey through the diversity of the Armagnac world and make you discover the different styles, story, roots and soul of each house, winegrower or cellar master.

Clos Martin, Armagnac…

``Par excellence``

The People

All our Clos Martin Armagnacs express the true character, the savoir-faire and the diversity of all the Armagnac makers from Gascony.

A masterful ageing

Clos Martin VSOP and XO are aged in the cellars well in excess of the required age: at least 8 years for the VSOP and 15 for the XO, while the law requires respectively 4 and 6 years.

A meticulous selection of Millésimes

All our Millésimes are carefully selected to show the best characters of old Armagnacs. At Clos Martin, we are proud to present a wide range of rare Millésimes, some coming from a single family owned estate and slowly aged in demi-muids or casks.

Quality over quantity

Only a few casks per Millésime are available and always bottled on demand. In addition, the origin of our VSOP and XO is 100% Bas-Armagnac.

Discover the heart and soul

of Clos Martin….